The Countdown Clock. It’s Not Just for NASA Anymore!

Masterclock - Apollo 17 count down and blast-offEver since the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo launches of the 1960s we’ve gotten a thrill from the 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 — BLASTOFF! countdown series. Largely forgotten, of course, is the count-up series that begins immediately thereafter, chronicling the entire spaceflight.

RC500 from Masterclock.

The C500 from Masterclock, a remote countdown, countup clock controller

Taking a Cue From NASA…
And acknowledging the need in various applications for countdowns and countups, Masterclock created the RC500, a countdown, countup clock controller.

The Wall Street Journal
recently reported that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did not have time for dillydallying and wanted to shorten office meetings. So he ordered the installation of countup clocks in meeting rooms to make staffers mindful of how much time they are spending away from their productive assignments. The Mayor’s press secretary was quoted as saying, “We’re not here to sit around and meet with each other—we’re here to get things done.” Since those countup clocks have been installed, meeting times have shortened an average of 20%, according to the press secretary.

Earlier the Mayor installed countdown clocks at City Hall and elsewhere. These tracked the days, hours and minutes until his term expired, with the message, “Make every day count.” Staffers report they are pleased that the clocks are there. Everyone acknowledges that a wasted minute can never be retrieved.

The Stock Market and Other Markets
Marketers have been buying our clock controllers to set a countdown to the end of the day of trading. Sales managers set countdown clocks for sales goal deadlines. Then there are those who use our controllers to time science applications or industrial processes (drying, setting, cooling, etc.) Our controllers can be used in sporting events (how long to the next event), broadcasts (how long before the news feed has to terminate?) and of course, to bring us full circle, NASA has digital clocks in almost every building chronicling local time, UTC time and time until the next launch.

Time is important. That’s why we’re in this business.

This blog is brought to you by Masterclock, Inc. We design, build and sell a large catalog of professional-quality digital and analog clocks, master clocks, network clocks, time code clocks, time code generators and other synchronized time devices for precise applications at an affordable price.

If you have any questions about time, GPS, digital clocks or any other subject you’d like to know more about, sent them to us. We’ll be happy to reply directly and post answers.

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