Welcome to the Masterclock Times

Welcome to The Masterclock Times

In a world demanding ever more precise synchronized time, our professional digital clocks and other devices, synchronized to atomic clocks in GPS satellites and other Time Code sources, are in great demand.

Masterclock TimesThis blog is intended to demystify various aspects of time keeping and synchronization. We’ll take you behind the scenes of various businesses and institutions that currently use our devices and clocks. We’ll look at time keeping in the past and we’ll look forward to an even more precise future.

This blog is brought to you by Masterclock, Inc. We design, build and sell a large catalog of professional-quality digital and analog clocks, master clocks, network clocks, time code clocks, time code generators and other synchronized time devices for precise applications at an affordable price.

What started as a prototypical ‘business in a garage’ several decades ago today has grown to several dozen employees and over $2 million in international sales this year. You’ll find our devices in airports, broadcast studios, law enforcement and government buildings, corporate campuses and sports arenas.

If you have any questions about time, GPS, digital clocks or any other subject you’d like to know more about, sent them to us. We’ll be happy to reply directly and post answers.

Come visit us at www.masterclock.com!


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